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Master’s Silent Sign Ministry is a non-profit organization that through Christ focuses on the spiritual needs of the deaf in Tampa’s Community in Florida.  The ministry offers the following services: ministering to Grace Bible Deaf Church in Tampa, Deaf Women Bible Conference, Deaf Bible studies, Deaf Fellowship activities, ASL Music and many more.


Master's Silent Sign Ministry

One part of Master’s Silent Sign Ministry is creating music videos for the deaf.

Text Box: “How Great Thou Art” 
ASL Music Video DVD
Text Box: “Music in Motion” 
ASL Music Video DVD
Text Box: “Music in Motion 2011” 
ASL Music Video DVD
Text Box: Donation of $15
How Great Thou Art (by VHVideo, Inc.)
Text Box: Donation of $20
Open the Eyes of my Heart * I’ll Fly Away
Thank You * How Great Thou Art
Take my Life and Let it Be
Watch the Lamb * Amazing Grace
I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb
8 songs at concert in Knoxville, TN (2010)

** The YouTube clip is in low quality, the DVD is of higher quality.  All DVD are signed by Ronaldo Feliciano.


IMPORTANT: Please put a notice which DVD that you want.  If no notice, you will receive the newest released DVD.


You can support Master’s Silent Sign Ministry by donation of funds through PayPal. 



Currently, we can only mail DVD to US or Canada.  If you live outside US or Canada and

wish to receive on of the DVD, please contact at Master’s Silent Sign Ministry through Deafyankees@gmail.com.


If you wish to do a donation via mail, please send a personal check or money order payable to

“Master’s Silent Sign Ministry”:  Master’s Silent Sign Ministry * 207 Lentz Road * Brandon * FL  33510. 

Please include an note with the name and address of the person you wish to receive the free DVD.







Text Box: Donation of $20
Everything Glorious * Lord, I Lift Your Name
Jesus Saves * Hosanna (Praise Song)
All Hail Power in Jesus Name
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
New Song We Sing * Noonday Devil
with Open Captioned & Audio
8 songs at concert in Knoxville, TN (2011)
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All 3 DVDs